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Form Fill Seal at Specialist Aggregates

Form Fill Seal at Specialist Aggregates Form Fill Seal at Specialist Aggregates

Specialist Aggregates are a “one of a kind” manufacturer and aggregate importer with over 700 product lines and the capability to supply niche aggregate markets in the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

The company supply individual packs via courier and multi-pack pallets serving both public and corporate customers.

Their extensive product range, all of which is available to buy on-line varies from coloured and glass aggregates, granites and marble, through lightweight aggregates to rocks and boulders. Many of the products have specific commercial, industrial or technical attributes.

RM Group are delighted to have been awarded this contract and to share our client’s experience of the project’s implementation.

New Year, New Packing Plant for Specialist Aggregates

Just when RM Group thought they understood the packing of sand and gravel along came Specialist Aggregates who turned the whole mass volume concept on its head.

During the summer of 2017, RM Group were set the challenge of designing, installing and commissioning a packing line within four months to handle Specialist Aggregates’ diverse portfolio of products. For nearly 20 years Specialist Aggregates have been renowned within the industry for taking an oblique view of aggregate supply to worldwide niche markets, thriving on low volume, short production runs across a wide range of products, including lightweight aggregates, industrial minerals and coloured sands.

The design brief asked, “Was it possible to adapt a 200 tonne per day plant to production runs of one tonne or less, with efficient clean-down; the entire facility to be housed in a dust-free environment with limited headroom? Finally to install and commission the plant without disruption to existing production schedules.”

Managing Director Steve Le Chevalier told us, “The best recommendation I can give for using the RM Group is the facility was installed on time and on budget and not only meets our current production criteria but provides exciting possibilities for future development.”

Once the team at RM had reconciled the unique sense of humour within Specialist Aggregates and realised that we were actually serious in not requiring a facility to run 24 / 7 at 120% capacity, innovative solutions were soon to follow. As can be seen from our image the packing line was fully commissioned including staff training within 10 days of arriving on site, making it fully operational in time for the New Year 2018

Specialist Aggregates was formed in 1999 and currently employs 10 people in its Rugeley based facility.

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