RMGroup supply and manufacture a wide range of automated bag filling and robotic handling systems to a variety of industries. Products include: Robot Palletising, Automated Form, Fill and Seal, Automated Bag Placing, Bulk Bag Filling, Robot Pick and Place, Weighing and Material Handling Systems.


Food, Beverage & Fresh Produce

From the farmer’s field to our plates, Food & Beverage businesses are hugely important both socially and economically.  Making up […]


Logistics and Warehousing

Storage and distribution of goods and services is critical to our modern society. From food, through fast-moving consumer goods, electronics […]


Ecommerce & Retail

Now with almost all brick-and-mortar traditional retail outlets having an online presence and ever-increasing customer demand for 24-hour ordering and […]


Pharmaceutical & High Tech

Pharmaceutical and High-Tech material handling processes are often lightweight, with product carried between processes within defined carriers that often need […]


Manufacturing & Production

Modern manufacturing uses recent machinery, processes & techniques but are often housed in a building that may have hundreds of […]

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