Combined Case Filling and Palletising

RMGroup are able to design, manufacture and install a range of bespoke robotic systems. Case filling and palletising has become a speciality, with many reference sites to boast in various industries. Our in-house design and manufacturing allow us to supply an all encompassing solution for multiple products.

Bespoke Case Filling and Palletising

RMGroup are able to offer diverse systems that have a unique tooling that lend themselves for case filling for multiple products.

Typically, Product is received on an accumulation conveyor from upstream. Then, depending on the format required, the system will collate product before feeding them to the pickup conveyor. The robot will then pick up the collated containers and load them into a pre-opened box. Once loaded a full box is automatically indexed away and replaced with an empty one. Integrations include a Case erector and closer following the case filling process.

Once the case is closed it proceeds into the palletising cell, by way of metal detection, labelling or check weigh equipment if required.

Changing between packing formats is carried out via a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Such applications are recommended to include RM easy teach software for a full configurable platform should stacking patterns and product demand change in future.

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“Given the increase in demand for hygiene products, we looked to RMGroup to provide us with an automated case erector with robust pick and place cell solution for our hygienic wet wipes. From initial contact through to the installation, the project has provided us with the automation to successfully streamline our operation and increase production throughput.”

Andy Phippen

Allied Hygiene

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