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Now with almost all brick-and-mortar traditional retail outlets having an online presence and ever-increasing customer demand for 24-hour ordering and next-day delivery to either home or store, pressure to become leaner and more agile is greater than ever.  In a recent study, 63% of retailers said they were considering automation as a part of investments into their supply-chain.  Can you afford not to be a part of this?

Retail and e-Commerce cover a multitude of products, from the ever-changing world of fashion, through 24-48 hour stock cycles of the supermarkets and the giant, billion-SKU count online retailers.  They all have many challenges in common, feel the same pain points and need to invest in the same areas to thrive:

  • 24-hour online shopping and demand for next-day and same-day delivery.
  • Returns processing overtaking despatch in terms of resource & space.
  • Labour shortage.
  • Exponential SKU growth & high turnover.

The answer to a lot of these is often “automation” and the industry seems to agree.  With over half of all new warehouses employing some form of automation, it’s becoming critical to include automation in any proposed spending.  With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to bite, consumers will naturally spend less – hitting margins and reducing the available capital to spend on future investment.  It becomes even more pressing to be able to implement automation in a cost-effective, risk-managed and prudent manner.

Our expertise in end-of-line palletising and automated transport can help solve many typical tasks found in eCommerce, Fulfilment and Retail Logistics. Our platform line of AMRs can provide an efficient and flexible Goods-to-Person picking solution, regardless of the type of product being processed. Our compact robot palletising cells will often slot into an existing application without massive disruption.

In all cases, our expert team will work with you in detail to design and implement a solution that matches your needs perfectly.

Automated Guided Vehicles & Autonomous Mobile Robots

As a value provider for ABB Mobile Robotics Partners Network, RMGroup has an in-depth understanding of automation and good technical knowledge. On this basis we are able to integrate Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) with other systems to fully optimise support to our customers.

Flexpicker/Delta Robots

High-speed state-of-the-art material handling robots suitable for many industries including food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. The IRB 360 family includes variants with payloads of 1 kg, 3 kg, 6 kg, and 8 kg and reaches of 1130 mm and 1600 mm—meaning there is an IRB 360 for almost every need.

Robotic Pick and Place

Robotic Pick & Place Cell - for consistent quality, high production throughputs and safe working processes for all industries.   Pick and place bags, containers, cartons, boxes, trays and more with our modular flexible robotic end of line case packing solution.

Robot Palletising

The backbone to our Robotic Automation offerings is our range of Robot Palletising systems. Supplied from stock and to budget, they can provide instant relief on operational overheads. A flexible and efficient method of end-of-line palletising, built to suit any configuration. RMGroup can complement with aftersales support from UK wide service locations.

Pallet Wrapping Systems

Stabilise and protect your palletised goods with a pallet wrapping system. Suitable for all many types of palletised products. RMGroup has collaborated with a leading global palletwrapping specialist to formulate its own range of stretch wrapping systems. With their partner's 35 years of experience in the field and over 25 years of experience within the packaging and automation industry, RMGroup have developed a range of user-friendly, highly efficient wrapping machines to suit every requirement.

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This was the first equipment we have sourced from RMGroup and, given our time constraints, they fully met our brief. The pick and place cell rapidly improved our efficiencies and outputs by 40%, helping to reduce labour costs and allowing us to be more competitive for our flowpack range of products. Our working relationship with RMGroup was very good during a challenging period time wise, and although we have no immediate plans for further installations, any future expansion plans will certainly entail cooperation with RMGroup

Andy Phippen

Director at Allied Hygiene


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