Manufacturing & Production

Modern manufacturing uses recent machinery, processes & techniques but are often housed in a building that may have hundreds of years of manufacturing history behind it. This creates often unique problems in manufacturing and production logistics that due to our experience in industrial automation, we are very well placed to solve.

Manufacturing in the UK is responsible for over £135bn of output, provides 2.5m jobs over some 140,000 businesses.  The importance to our economy sometimes feels unfairly diminished and sidelined but at 9% of our GDP, it’s clear that it’s critical to our prosperity.  Like every part of the UK economy, there are headwinds against growth and operational challenges to overcome:

  • Shortage of labour, with increasing pay pressure for those employed already.
  • Buildings and infrastructure often aged and landlocked, restricting space for expansion.
  • High utility costs, especially energy.
  • Gloomy economic outlook, reducing available capital for investment in upgrades and maintenance.
  • Urgent pressure to “de-carbonise” production processes and reduce environmental impact at all levels.

These challenges can result in unplanned outages and reduced output – the vacancy rate in manufacturing during 2022 was nearly 4%, costing nearly £20m in daily lost output.  We’re a manufacturer too – we experience these challenges every day, so we speak your language.  If we consider automating, then some of the effects of these challenges can be softened or maybe even eliminated.

Our portfolio of products and solutions can help automate your processes – in-place if necessary.  Our range of compact platform AMRs can often handle a standard UK pallet in a space well under 2 metres – almost the size of the load itself. The tow-tractor lines are at home within a manufacturing plant, handling the kitting and line-side delivery processes with ease – often enabling the reduction or complete removal of forks-based handling everywhere outside of the warehouse.

Sheet and Board Stacking/De-Stacking

Where there is a requirement to stack to collate product for strapping, wrapping or hooding why not use an industrial robot to produce consignments that are consistently formed to the finest tolerances. RMGroup also provide bespoke robotic solutions for de-stacking.

Automated Guided Vehicles & Autonomous Mobile Robots

As a value provider for ABB Mobile Robotics Partners Network, RMGroup has an in-depth understanding of automation and good technical knowledge. On this basis we are able to integrate Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) with other systems to fully optimise support to our customers.

Robot Palletising

These palletising systems are readily available from our stock and are designed to meet your budget requirements, offering immediate relief on operational overheads. Our flexible and efficient end-of-line palletising solutions are adaptable to any configuration, ensuring seamless integration into your production setup.

  • Stock Availability: Get your Robot Palletising system quickly and within budget.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Reduce operational overheads instantly with our budget-friendly options.
  • Flexible Configuration: Tailored to fit your specific production layout and requirements.
  • Comprehensive Support: Benefit from aftersales service and maintenance across the UK.
Discover how RMGroup's Robot Palletising systems can optimise your end-of-line operations. Contact us today to discuss your automation needs and leverage our expertise for enhanced efficiency and productivity.  

Pallet Wrapping Systems

Stabilise and protect your palletised goods with a pallet wrapping system. Suitable for all many types of palletised products. RMGroup has collaborated with a leading global palletwrapping specialist to formulate its own range of stretch wrapping systems. With their partner's 35 years of experience in the field and over 25 years of experience within the packaging and automation industry, RMGroup have developed a range of user-friendly, highly efficient wrapping machines to suit every requirement.

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During the pre-building and testing at the RMGroup facility we were kept informed on the projects progress and found them very willing to accommodate modifications we requested during the testing and installation process. We now have a successful, operator friendly system, performing reliably and fully to our specification.”

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