Aggregates & Building Products

RMGroup have supplied the building products sector for decades, providing bagging and palletising for standard and specialist aggregates.

RMGroup is proud to supply the majority of leading industry Building Products suppliers with their bagging machinery.

High speed bagging equipment in the form of fixed or mobile packaging systems are a popular choice for companies looking to drive production efficiencies.

Aggregate bag filling machinery has to be robust and durable to counter the abrasive nature of the product. R M Group have an exclusive range of bagging machinery that is designed to withstand the hard aggregate packing environment. The aggregate bagging range consists of manual and fully automated machinery, from semi-auto manual bagging with Robot palletising to the fully automated form, fill & seal bagging machinery for an efficient form of bag filling. The high speed aggregate bagging machine is usually partnered with an ABB Robot palletising system , the ultimate paring for cost effective production of bagged aggregates.

Form Fill and Seal Systems

Robust and high-speed FFS (Form Fill & Seal) packaging machinery for large bulky material. RMGroup have a range of VFFS automated, bagging machinery for continuous high-speed systems. Automated bag filling for film on a reel with weighing. High-speed bagging for Aggregates, Compost, Polymers, Fertilizer and more


Bulk Bagging Systems

Bulk bagging systems and FIBC bulk filling solutions brought to you by RMGroup. Our robust range of bulk bagging machines for filling bulk and jumbo bags. The bulk bagging machine can be used on a variety of products such as aggregates, coal, salt, animal feed, compost, soil, bark, mulch and wood pellets.

Automated Bagging Machinery

Automatic bag and sack filling for open mouth or pre-made bags and sacks. Bag placers are able to place bags on the filling spout of any bagging line with precision. The RMGroup bag placer range is noted for its high-speed, continuous placement of bags.

Mobile Bagging Systems

Mobile Bagging Systems and Contained Bagging Systems by RMGroup - the original innovators of mobile bagging machinery incorporating bag filling and robot palletising. Pack your product at source with no fixed building costs. Mobile bagging machinery can be delivered globally, in trailer/container model variants, with the latest innovative technology, with full compliance to international standards. Fully automatic and semi-automatic bagging and palletising solutions to pack at source. The mobile bagging line is the application for packaging in a trailer or container.

Robot Palletising

Robot palletising systems are supplied from stock and to budget, providing a rapid return on investment. Palletising robots provide a flexible method of pallet loading, built to suit your current operation, choose from many palletising cell configurations to suit your operation.  RMGroup offer responsive aftersales support with UK-wide service locations.

Manual Bagging Systems

RMGroup design and manufactures manual bagging systems to suit your product, bag or sack type and desired throughput. Manual bagging machinery for pre-made plastic (polyethelene) bags, paper bags, sacks and polypropylene bags. RMGroup supplies the complete bagging system from bulk hoppers, in-feed conveyors and weighing machinery through to the bag handling, sack closing and bag preparation machines. Open-mouth bagging machines are suitable for a variety of different products.

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“The packaging line was built to RMG’s exceptionally high standards, including being customised specifically to Specialist Aggregates’ requirements. On-site installation and commissioning was achieved in a record three days”

Steve Le Chevalier

Managing Director, Specialist Aggregates Ltd


RMGroup supply and manufacture a wide range of manual and automated process and packaging solutions. Backed by exceptional service and after sales support, we meet industry demand with affordable, high quality products.

Our portfolio of solutions includes:

Industrial robot pick, place and palletising systems, high-speed form fill & seal packaging machinery (VFFS), pre-made bag placers, manual bagging systems, weighing systems, bulk bagging and material handling systems, and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

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