Any system is more than the sum of it’s individual parts.  No matter how innovative a palletising system is, how exceptional the labelling and wrapping is or how efficient the AGV/AMR transport fleet is, if they are not integrated with each other, benefits will often not be realised.  Integration is one of the most important aspects of any automation project (alongside Compliance) and must be done correctly.


Ensuring smooth operation - all day, every day.

At RM Group we take our system design seriously.  Our data-driven, detail-first approach means that we get a long-sighted view on the integration task.  Integration can range from a simple sensor/electrical connection to existing control through new drives & controls right into a full software platform with OPC/UA, SQL and remote UI/UX touch panels for interaction.  We can’t overstate the importance of getting the “glue” that holds a system together right.

Of course, all of our self-designed and manufactured equipment is easily integrated (since we control the interface design!) but where we don’t design and manufacture a system component (such as case erection or labelling) then we’ll work directly with that manufacturer to integrate into our domain of control.  This helps to ensure that the end-user and operator is presented a single control surface and interface – simpler operation, simpler maintance.

Our key competencies include:

  • Integration into or replacement of Safety networks.
  • Integration of new conveying & processing machinery into existing systems.
  • Re-wire and re-implementation of controls of existing systems.
  • Inter-process communication via PLC, utilising OPC/UA over ProfiNET.
  • Status communication and order scheduling with AGV/AMR fleet management.
  • Safety cell entry negotiation with AGV/AMR units.
  • Communication with end-user IT systems through XML, REST API, SQL, etc.

Our integration aims to be effective, with enough complexity to handle normal and exceptional operation without being a maintenance headache.

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