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Imagine having a team that collectively has over a hundred years of experience in industrial automation, bagging and automated transport. Now imagine what they could do for your operations, from introducing or improving packing, palletising & wrapping or streamlinging transport with an AMR fleet. WIthin a short space of time, your operations would be transformed, ready for the future, efficient, connected and reliable. This type of team might not be practical for everyone, so this type of analysis might be out of reach for many.

With RM Group as a partner in your automation journey, none of this has to be a pipe dream! Our teams have extensive knowledge and experience of a wide range of industrial automation, bagging and automated transport solutions. We’ve “been around the block a few times, seen some things and have a few stories to tell” and we’re more than happy to share this knowledge, experience and innovative thinking with you. Wether this is over a cuppa, throwing some ideas around or in a more formal workshop-style setting, we are always ready to listen, think and advise.

We won’t over-sell or simply provide the cheapest option. We’ll be as involved as you want us to be – either “right in the weeds”, collecting material flow data, measuring pack sizes and counting pallet rates or implementing a specifically-requested design. If we can, we will provide a range of options and clearly set out the details, advantages and disadvantages of each one – making it clear what impact we expect any solution to have on your operations.

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