Safety & Compliance

Supply of machinery that conforms to the latest standards within the machinery directive, is paramount to the projects team at RMGroup. As a  manufacturer the obligation is to ensure that machinery is supplied and conforms to global standards, without compromising  on performance.

The process of safety starts with the design team, a design philosophy founded on ease of use, without losing focus on the operator’s health and safety, thus ensuring there is no trade off when choosing a supply partner.


Safety and Compliance Department

The safety and compliance department consists of two dedicated compliance officers. They ensure that all systems (standard and bespoke) are built to global standards, and come complete with operational manuals, risk assessments, training documentation and sign off.

In collaboration with design and technical engineers, the compliance team drive to achieve the upmost safety standard using the latest innovative products.


Industry accreditations include the notable and newly founded RIA / BARA Robotic Integrators Certification Scheme. The scheme was born out of the need to standardise integrators’ quality and workmanship, as well as recognise effective safety controls to help give companies a competitive edge.

RMGroup were proud to become the first accredited integrator in the UK. Following a rigorous audit of company processes and technical ability, from leading industry assessors.

  • Industry specific accreditations
  • Full project risk assessments
  • FMEA (Failure mode and effects analysis)
  • Performance and Safety integrity level assessments
  • Limits of use analysis
  • F.A.T / S.A.T (Factory/Site Acceptance Testing)
  • Certified Robotic Integrator (RIA/BARA)
  • Avetta and Safe Contractor Approved
  • Member of British Standards Institute
  • Member of CE Marking

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