Tubs, Buckets and Drums

At RMGroup we are able to deliver innovative systems that are capable of processing a variety of products. Handling of tubs, buckets and drums becomes effortless for an industrial robot. The versatility of a robotic solution will add value to your production process, increase capacity and improve quality.

Bespoke Tubs, Buckets and Drums Robot

In the oil, Energy and Lubricants sector, systems have been developed for pails, buckets and drums (up to 45 Gallons) . Each one carrying varying product throughputs, dimensions and weight.

RM’s in house design team are able to engineer end of arm tools that are unique to each application. Adequately picking and placing product whilst achieving speed and maintaining consistency.

Given the nature of product, and delivery requirement to consumer markets, pallet presentation is key. The robot must operate to tight tolerances to ensure the stability of the completed stack.

In order to provide a finished pallet, our team configure systems with the integration of slip sheet application, layer sheets, wrapping or hooding.

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“As part of a general line upgrade, we asked RMGroup to propose a solution to automate our bucket palletising and pallet wrapping process. Working within  a very tight footprint, RMGroup patiently worked with us to identify a feasible layout.


RM Group demonstrated a high level of professionalism and process knowledge, working closely with ourselves and other integrators, resulting in a successful, operator friendly system, performing reliably and fully to our specification”

Carl Gordan

Operations Manager, SIKA

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