Flexpicker/Delta Robots

High-speed state-of-the-art material handling robots suitable for many industries including food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. The IRB 360 family includes variants with payloads of 1 kg, 3 kg, 6 kg, and 8 kg and reaches of 1130 mm and 1600 mm—meaning there is an IRB 360 for almost every need.

IRB360 Flexpicker

Robotic Flex Pickers are the leaders in state-of-the-art high speed picking and packing technology. Compared to conventional robot automation, the pick and place systems offer much greater flexibility in a compact footprint while maintaining accuracy and high payloads.

Features include outstanding motion control, short cycle times and precision accuracy. Flexpicker cells can operate in either narrow or wide windows with very tight tolerances.

RMGroup has developed high speed handling solutions for an array of products including those for the food production market, dramatically and reliably increasing production handling capability and maintaining very high quality standards.

ABB Robotics Flex-Pickers, known for their speed capability and accuracy can also incorporate ABB’s high resolution vision systems, which not only take advantage of the Flex-Picker’s accuracy, but provide a high degree of quality inspection for shape and colour, providing even more enhanced quality control for your products.

Integrated with any existing and new packaging systems, flow wrapper infeed conveyors and other applications and easy to use HMI touch screens.

Production speed Up to 1200 picks per minute*
Payload Max 8 kg
Working Reach Max 1600 mm
IP Rating Option of P69K
Operating software Pickmaster
Controller OmniCore C30

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“From the outset, RMGroup inspired confidence. Supported by ABB, they demonstrated a high level of expertise and technical ability. We were kept fully advised and involved with trials at the design and development stage. The door to the RM Group factory was always open during manufacture.


“The system was installed very efficiently with minimal disruption to our day to day operation. System performance is every bit keeping pace, we have been able to improve quality and consistency for our customer, enabling us to meet peek demands.”

Christien Jones

Project Director

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