RMGroup offers a complete AMR/AGV solution for fulfilment and distribution operations

ABB’s acquisition of ASTI Mobile Robotics Group (ASTI), the leading global autonomous mobile robot (AMR) manufacturer, in July last year, has  provided robotics and automation specialists, RMGroup, with added impetus as a distributor partner and  increased product portfolio synergies.

The newly created AMR division offers the broadest range of AMRs and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from box movers, platforms, tractor units and the more traditional forks based lifting vehicles. This is linked with a full suite of supporting software to complement product and pallet movement, traffic management and directly linking to ERP/SAP platforms, as well as hardware and wi-fi solutions for the upmost connectivity.

AMRs and AGVs can increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing error, re-work and risk. Their integration can help improve safety for employees in high-risk work environments by performing lower value, mundane tasks, such as transporting consumables included in the operation back to the production lines, thereby enabling humans to focus on more strategic efforts that cannot be automated. They are equally suited to e-commerce and retail, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, manufacturing, metals and machinery, logistics, aerospace and the automotive industry.

Being the first integrator in the UK to be accredited under the RIA/BARA Robot Integrators Certification Scheme, RMGroup supplies and manufactures a wide range of manual and automated packaging systems. These include robot palletising systems, pallet wrapping and material handling systems, as well as supplying a wide range of bagging solutions, weighing systems, high speed form fill and seal packaging lines from its aggregates, chemicals and horticulture division. While operating within the food & beverage sector, their ongoing partnership with ABB and the addition of the AMR division, means that they can offer a fully automated solution for fulfilment, distribution and manufacturing kitting operations.

“Being able to combine both technical solutions from the ABB AMR division with our industrial robotic systems, further optimises use of space, delivers greater production efficiency whilst combining repeatability, and improved traceability. The offering of a joint system has the added advantage of a fully integrated 360 safety solution to harmonise production and warehouse operations,” said RMGroup’s Mark Tucker.

To-date, RMGroup has installed 65 AMR units in e-commerce and automotive sectors over multiple sites throughout the UK.

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RMGroup’s partnership with ASTI Mobile Robotics


RMGroup first in the UK to be Robot Integrator Certified

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