Stonegate Eggs

Stonegate specialise in free-range and organic eggs. In 1926 the farmers of Stonegate village got together to form one of the first egg cooperatives in the country.

Stonegate is now a thriving, professional and innovative business, with family and collaborative values being key to their success. Nestled in the National Trust village of Lacock, Wiltshire, their state-of-the-art facility where all the free range and organic eggs are packed. It is the largest and the only dedicated free range and organic packing operation on the planet and guarantees fast, accurate grading of our world-class eggs.

Moving millions of mother natures most fragile food items every day takes finesse and know how. Stonegate collect eggs from hen houses across the country and provide grading and packaging. Supplying the eggs to many of the UK’s leading supermarkets and exclusive restaurants they required confidence and proven track record when it came to purchasing their two brand new ABB end of line palletising robots.

Stone gate contacted RMGroup after viewing the palletising egg robots on the RMGroup website and reading success stories and video demonstrations. They needed a robot that could palletise the eggs in demand with their high output and RMGroup could certainly do this with speeds of up to 570 eggs palletised in a minute.

The system allows egg producers to process and palletise their eggs with ease and at a speed that dramatically influence their daily productions, accuracy and grading efficiency

The system consists of an ABB palletising robot with a specifically designed bespoke gripper head manufactured to pick and place the egg trays as well as the dividing sheets. The egg trays are picked up using the existing contours in the plastic egg trays while strategically placed sensors ensure the trays are clear of the forks before the robot fully retracts, eliminating the possibility of any breakages.

Stonegate contacted RMGroup and within a month they had a completed project of two fully installed Egg Palletising Robots capable of palletising 30,000 eggs a day.

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