Jug and Container Palletising

Bringing the latest solutions in Jug and Container palletising using Robotic automation. Combined with RM Easy Teach 2, RMGroup are able to provide unique palletising systems with easy to configure programme to ensure effortless change of pallet configurations when consumer demand changes.

Bespoke Jug and Container Palletising

Jug palletising suitably lends itself to robotic automation. In a fast paced production environment our Robotic palletising cells deliver presentable pallets to millimeter precision every cycle.

RM’s in house design team are able to engineer end of arm tools that are unique to each application. Adequately picking and placing product whilst achieving speed and maintaining consistency.

Compliment the robot system with the integration of pallet magazine, pallet accumulation, slip sheet application, layer sheets (often applied using the same end of arm tool), Stretch wrapper or hooder. All of which are supplied by RMGroup to provide an all-encompassing solution to production needs.

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“I would recommend RMGroup in the future. The solution that was provided was of a high manufacturing standard.

Everyone from the design, installation and commissioning teams had high safety and work area standards. They also worked very well with our engineers and production teams.”

Nicole Hamilton

British Sugar

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