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Our all new LTM 600 Semi-automated mobile packaging line left RMGroup HQ today on its journey to its new home at R & J Aggregates Ltd to pack a wide range of aggregates in the Staffordshire area.

In need of a new packaging line, our new and improved LTM 600 was a simple choice for R & J. Featuring many new design improvements, including our new external conveying, designed to fold up and lock in place for transportation, drastically improving the time taken to pack-up and set up the mobile line by eliminating much of the assembly that was previously required.

Featuring our latest manual bagging system the MB500, the speed and capability of the line has also increased, now able of processing 150 Tons per day equating to 12 bags per minute.

The new design also provides increased operator workspace, still featuring bag filling, sealing and palletising capabilities all within the 45 foot trailer but with an improved layout configuration made possible by the ABB IRB 460 robot, a much smaller robot than what has previously been featured in our LTM600. As well as its small footprint the ABB IRB 460 is the perfect choice due to its speed capabilities, currently the fastest palletising robot available on the market.

RMGroup mobile packaging systems have served quarry owners, aggregate suppliers, coal merchants, and salt suppliers in the UK, Ireland, France and Sweden. With all of them receiving great savings in transportation costs as well as lowering their carbon footprint.

For more information regarding our mobile packaging lines call us on +44 (0)1686 621704

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