Manual Bagging for Stone & Garden

Manual Bagging stone – The Stone and Garden Company have just taken delivery of a brand new MB-400 manual bagging system, a bagger capable of 400 bags per hour dependant on product and operator speeds. The system is integrated with their existing aggregate bagging line comprising of a Bag Conveyor and a Saxon 5 Continuous Bag Sealer.

The MB-400 Bagging machine installed includes a large Hopper located externally with an In-feed Conveyor, Electronic weighing system and a pneumatic bag clamp providing an accurate operator friendly system.

In addition to the Bagging System RMGroup manufactured and installed a fully automated palletising system consisting of a Bag Kicker, Bag Conveyor, Bag Flattener and a Pickup Conveyor, which transports the aggregate bags to an ABB IRB 6400 fully automated palletising robot capable of stacking 700 bags an hour neatly onto pallets.

Once the pallet has been filled the robot and all bag handling conveyors stop until it is removed by a fork lift driver and replaced, the ABB palletiser then re-starts to stack the next pallet of aggregate.
At RMGroup we supply reliable and robust New and Used Robot Palletising Systems for all types of packaging lines click here to read more.

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