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Manual Bagging and AAB for Yarrow

Manual Bagging and AAB for Yarrow Manual Bagging and AAB for Yarrow

Manual Bagger & Robot Palletising System for aggregates. Yarrows Aggregates have taken delivery of a Manual Packaging System to bag a variety of aggregates at their Sunderland Depot. RMGroup were contacted by Yarrows Aggregates who were interested in replacing their existing out dated manual bagging line that had served them well over the years but was not producing the numbers necessary to meet the requirements of today.

Their existing hopper was reconditioned at RMGroup HQ by our experienced engineers, repairing and re-painting the metal work to ensure years more service for Yarrows. As well as the reconditioning, improvements were made to the hopper by the addition of a weighing system which was integrated to ensure accuracy when filling. The weighing system supplied weighs the product to a set weighment all controlled by a digital control panel set by the operator.

Once the aggregate is deposited, the full bags are dropped onto a conveyor that transports the bagged product to a Saxon 5 continuous Heat Sealer that seals the bag using ultra efficient hot air technology. The system also includes various conveying including a bag flattener that levels the product evenly across the length of the bag providing the robot with better handling as well as better stability to the palletised stack.

The palletising of the aggregate is done by an ABB IRB 6400 Palletising robot providing effortless high speed precise palletising. The 6400 is capable of palletising up to 800 Bags per hour when accompanied by a manual packaging line providing an overall impressive output. Such a system is our entry level packaging Line, perfect for anyone entering the packaging industry that is looking to process around 50 tons per day.

Our manual bagging lines consist of 4 systems all designed for fast reliable bagging of a variety of different materials, and are capable of bagging between 300 and 800 25Kg bags per hour.

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