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Imerys minerals palletiser

Imerys minerals palletiser Imerys minerals palletiser

RMGroup recently installed a robot palletising system at Imerys Minerals. The system installed was an addition to their cement bagging line. The brand new palletising system includes an ABB IRB 6600 robot with an IRC5 control panel.

The system applies slip sheets using vacuum suction on the robot gripper head, bags are then automatically stacked. Once the pallet has been stacked, it is automatically conveyed – ready for storage & delivery.  Fully automated robot palletising lines are available for many products from minerals and chemicals, to coal, de-icing salt, fertilisers, plastic pellets, adhesives, paint and much more.

Our Form Fill & Seal FFS machines are an ideal addition to robot palletisers.



Case Study


Case Study

Bag Placing / Palletising for Scotts

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