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GRS Bagging is the UK’s leading supplier of bagged aggregate to builders’ merchants and retail outlets nationwide. They move more than 100,000 bags of stone every day, and pride themselves on a local service, with trained experts on the ground. They supply more than two million tonnes of bagged aggregate and decorative landscaping products every year. Supplied in bags (ranging from handy mini-sized to bulk) or straight from the truck for bigger orders.

With more than 20 bagging plants across the country – their own truck fleet – their distribution network is second to none.

As a previous customer they have installed a fully automatic Form Fill & Seal line with ABB 460 robot supplied by RMGroup, based at their George Green slough area. Since the first project they have also purchased a mobile line – LTM800, Robotic palletising cells as an upgrade to former equipment and bulk bagging systems from RMGroup.

In May this year GRS took delivery of another fully automatic Fill Form & Seal line with an ABB460 robot at their Thurrock site with the possibility of another full line being installed in the near future.

RMgroup are proud to work with GRS, one of the UKs leading supplier of aggregates.

With the continuous work with GRS, RMgroup now employ a full-time service engineer based in Colchester, to provide GRS with the support they need on their lines. RMGroup feel that the aftercare service is an extremely important part of the business and it gives GRS the confidence in our products and services for future projects.

Case Study

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Case Study

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