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The last 12 months have seen Day Group take delivery of twelve individual packaging lines as part of a large rejuvenation and expansion plan.

Day Group essentially requested a variety of machinery that would deliver on speed and reliability which would be versatile enough to handle an assortment of raw materials. The systems supplied by RMGroup range from manual bagging systems, to high speed fully automated form fill & seal lines, accompanied by ABB’s high speed palletising robots, to the flagship Mobile packaging line the LTF800.

Various bulk bagging lines have also been installed with the majority being the High speed bulk filling system the BB400 capable of dispensing 1 tonne every 17 seconds.

“Due to the professionalism, quality and reliability of RMGroup and the systems we have received, we have continued to place multiple orders throughout 2015, totalling 12 full lines to date. We are extremely impressed with all aspects of the systems especially the increase in production that they have provided us.

The decision to purchase from RMGroup was made whilst hiring both their Mobile Packaging Lines in 2014. To meet the growing demands we were resolute on purchasing machinery we could trust. Reliability and longevity was at the top of our list. Speed was also a factor. The whole range of machinery acquired have been exceptional, with the manual baggers providing operators a much more user-friendly and accurate tool. The fully automated line increasing production, and the mobile line allowing us flexibility with our bagging, enabling us to bag at source, without compromising on reliability and speed.

RMGroup have met our expectations and provided excellent after-care, with engineers promptly arriving on site to rectify any issues that have developed. We look forward to continuing our affiliation with them into the near future on various projects, with the next line due for installation in November.”Michael Woodward, Day Group

With the latest order from days currently being assembled at RMGroup HQ for testing, orders from days are yet to subside. A testament to the hard work of RMGroup employees, who ensure all systems are manufactured to the best possible quality and that every system is pre tested prior to delivery and installation, ensuring that any teething issues are dealt with swiftly at RMGroup’s 55,000 SQ FT manufacturing and testing facility.

Case Study


Case Study

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