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Coal Packaging at A&B Milligans

Coal Packaging at A&B Milligans Coal Packaging at A&B Milligans

Yesterday a coal packaging system was installed at A & B Milligan’s of Lancashire, who contacted RMGroup interested in automating and increasing the speed of their existing packaging line, the new system was designed to integrate with their current manual bagging line which consisted of a Hopper, a Bag Conveyor and a Saxon 5 Heat Sealer.

A Coal Weighing System was added to their existing Hopper, providing precise filling of their 20kg coal bags. To automate the palletising process of their line the addition of a Conveying System consisting of a Bag Kicker, added to transfer the coal bags from the existing line to the new Bag Flattener Conveyor, Pacing Conveyor and Pickup Conveyor which transport the product from their operator to the ABB IRB palletising robot for precise and efficient palletising. The system is capable of filling and stacking 8 bags per minute vastly increasing their previous output.

Such systems are an asset to any company wishing to increase their throughput dramatically, as well as free up operators for other tasks or lines vastly improving efficiency of any packaging plant.

Case Study

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Case Study

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