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Bulk Bagging at DAYS

Bulk Bagging at DAYS Bulk Bagging at DAYS

Bulk Bagging Aggregates – Since the installation of the first BB-400 bulk bagger in September at Shoreham in the South of England, Days Aggregates have ordered a further three identical Bulk bagging systems for aggregates from RMGroup as part of a large expansion currently being undertaken at various locations from which they operate.

The speed and efficiency of the BB-400 bagger at Shoreham quickly proved invaluable to Days Aggregates, vastly improving bulk bag production at the Shoreham site since its installation allowing them to effortlessly process large amounts of aggregate, permitting them to easily meet their orders quota.

The site at Southampton is the second location to receive the BB-400 Bulk bagging Systems, with the three Bulk bagger’s independently working side by side. Combined, the three BB-400 packing systems are capable of processing 9 tonnes per minute, equating to an impressive 4000 bulk bags each day. Having three independent BB-400’s enables Days aggregates to bag different products simultaneously, eliminating the need for product change delays.

To further simplify operation of the BB-400’s the systems features a remote tipping facility, initiated via a keyfob allowing fork lift drivers to operate the system without the need to leave the forklift truck which dramatically increases the throughput speed of the process.

Once a tunnelled or looped bag is placed onto the forks of the forklift or telehandler, the operator is able to start the filling process by pressing the supplied key fob. Multiple remotes are available, providing each individual forklift or telehandler operator with means to operate the system. This was also introduced to improve safety and reduce the number of operators surrounding forklift movements.

The system is designed to work with many different products and is customisable to the user’s specifications. Built to a high standard the systems are guaranteed to withstand 20 years of service even with the most abrasive of raw materials.

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