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Bag Placing / Palletising for Scotts

Bag Placing / Palletising for Scotts Bag Placing / Palletising for Scotts

The newly designed RM Group bag placers, twin BKP 84’s will collect pre made, from the bag magazine, (resealable bags with a tear off strip to open from new), and present the bags to the filling spout, fill the bags and then transport them to the sealing station to be sealed. The bag is held and not let go once picked up it continually holds onto it, till it has been sealed and cooled.

The bags then will be kicked off and start their journey down the line, each bag will run over the check weigh conveyor for QC and then through a bag flattener for presentation, they will then arrive at the Robot pick up position where they will be picked up two bags at a time with the specially designed R M Robot Vacuum head and palletised into a Display Unit mounted on a pallet.

The system can if required use Slip sheets, between layers, theses if required can be programmed into the robot stack pattern and placed by the Robot before it starts its next layer.

The pallet Magazine area consists of a fully adjustable pallet magazine that is adjustable for a range of pallets, this is adjustable from the R M Touch screen mounted on the front of the main panel so no need for spanners or moving plates etc, for different size pallets just operate the buttons on the screen, and in seconds you can change to a different size pallet.

The D U Fixing station, is user friendly as well, it can be raised by the push of a button, this helps the operator in fixing the DU to the pallet, once fixed, the operator just pushes the lower button and the pallet with the DU lowers down onto the rollers, then when the Robot calls for the pallet it will move in sequence to the Loading station.

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