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Compost Bagging Machinery

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Packaging systems

Manual and Automated Systems for Compost

For customers looking to pack compost manually with pre-made bags, we re-designed our in-feed system on our standard hoppers to promote product flow and minimise bridging. The manual system comprises of a hopper with belt feeding out onto an in-feeding conveyor into a loadcell bag clamp. The bag is manually placed on the clamp, filled to desired weightment (30, 40, 50L). Once filled the bag is released from the clamp and drops onto a conveyor with transfers the bag through a heat sealer and through to the bag flattener. The system can be can be found in our MB-500 manual bagging series.

High Speed Packging System, Form Fill and Seal

Customers looking for high speed automated systems to pack compost, we recommend form fill and seal. This system has the capacity to bag up to 1,000 bags an hour of compost. We use a doser weighing system to fill bags volumetrically. Please refer to our form, fill and seal product pages to see the vertical FFS systems in operation.

Install with an ABB robot palletising system for a fully automated compost packaging system.

To see one of our high speed packaging lines packing compost please contact us